Il Club

The Club History

Cricket flourished in Rome in the 60s on a superb field overlooking St. Peter's dome from Villa Doria Pamphili. The British and Australian Embassies, FAO, the Commonwealth War Graves Association, the Venerable English College, and the Beda College fielded teams that competed for the Rome Ashes until, in the 70s, the Villa became a public park...

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The'60 e '70

The"Golden Era" of Cricket

The "Golden Years" of Roman Cricket from the magnificent villa to the foundation of the Club and the Federation.

Anni '80 e '90

Our best XI

With many Italian products from the nursery and the experience from the late 80s to the early 90s, our Club wins title after title.

2000 - 2020

The new millenium

The year 2000 arrives and our Club becomes structured, grows and continues to win at both senior and youth and female levels!


Il presente e futuro

The present and future of our club, between competitiveness, non-competitiveness, promotion, social activities and much more!


The Roma Capannelle has won a total of 32 Championships, Cups, and National Federation Tournaments.


Our values and the Club Code of Conduct.

The Roma Capannelle Cricket Club firmly believes in the universal values of friendship, brotherhood, and fair sports competition. All members and guests of the Capannelle Cricket Club are bound by the following Code of Conduct.