Roma Capannelle Cricket Ground

Welcome to Roma Capannelle Cricket Ground


Located within the magnificent grounds of the Capannelle Hippodrome, this international cricket field is the only one within Rome's ring road. The playing field is surrounded by protective netting and covered in high-quality Bermuda Grass, while the automated irrigation system within the 30-yard circle, along with the large field size, make this ground one of the best cricket facilities in Italy.

Every season, the Club works to make small improvements to the ground, including the installation of new training nets, a scorer's box, small changing rooms, and restrooms. The ground offers a seating area with a 40-person tribune and several benches around the field, making it a perfect location for a day outdoors. Spectators are welcome with free admission. Join us at Roma Capannelle Cricket Ground and experience the excitement of cricket!"

  • Address: Via della Stazione delle Capannelle, snc, 00178 Roma RM

ECB Approved Non Turf Wicket

Our playing surface (pitch) is synthetic and was expertly installed by technicians from NOTTS SPORTS LTD in England, and has been approved by the ECB (England Cricket Board) and sanctioned by the Italian Cricket Federation for 50 Overs international matches. Given that the surface is synthetic, the use of spiked shoes is strictly prohibited on the pitch.


Getting to the field

Access to the playing field takes place through the pedestrian gate located on Via della Stazione delle Capannelle, front left of the station exit. The gate will open one hour before the start of the match. It is strictly forbidden to climb over the gate and enter when closed.


10 Minutes from the City Centre

Accessing our playing field, the Roma Capannelle Cricket Ground, is a breeze with the metropolitan FM4 service. In less than 10 minutes from Termini station, take the express train to Ciampino and Velletri, with the first stop being the Capannelle Station. The entrance to the ground is through the pedestrian gate located on Via della Stazione delle Capannelle. The gate will open an hour before the start of the match, so be sure to arrive on time.


Or you can take Metro and Buses

Alternatively, you can reach our cricket ground by taking Metro Line A to the Cinecittà station and then hopping on bus 654 towards Via delle Capannelle. Another option is to take Metro Line A to the Colli Albani station, then take bus 664 towards Cinecittà, getting off at the Stazione Capannelle bus stop, and entering through the pedestrian gate on Via della Stazione delle Capannelle.


Driving to the Cricket

Reaching the cricket field takes 30 minutes from the city center: take Via Appia Nuova, turn left onto Via delle Capannelle and then the first right onto Via della Stazione della Capannelle. If you are coming from the Grand Ring Road, take exit 23 (Appio San Giovanni - Via Appia Nuova), towards Rome. Turn right onto Via delle Capannelle and then turn right again onto the first street: Via della Stazione della Capannelle and park your vehicle.


Practice nets

Just next to the playing field, we have built three training nets for batting, so that the batsmen and bowlers can warm up before entering the field.


Scorer's Box & Scoreboard

For every cricket match, the scorer is critical. They are responsible for recording every delivery and play on the scoresheet. At RCCG, the scorers have a raised and covered vantage point, which allows them to perform their task optimally.


Changings room, showers & toilets

Inside our small Clubhouse, we have built showers and small changing rooms for the home team and guests: three drinking water points around the field and double restrooms.