Italian Championships - Italian Cricket Federation

The Roma Capannelle CC is the only team to have participated in all top tournaments organized by the Italian Cricket Federation, including: Serie A, 50 Overs Championship, Italian Cup, and Twenty20. The federation activity is reserved for competitive athletes and the season typically runs from May to October.

In addition to the First Team, we have various youth teams participating in the Italian Championships of different categories: U13, U15, U17, and U19. We are proud to field a team that includes several players from our youth program, Italian-born players, young players who learned from us, and experienced foreign players from various nations."


Promoting, developing and spreading Cricket

The Club, apart from competitive sports, strongly focuses on promoting and spreading Cricket in Rome and Italy. This commitment has led to numerous projects organized by the Club in its 40 years of existence aimed at promoting the sport of Cricket among the younger generation in schools, on the field, in public squares, and during sporting events. The Club believes that recreational sports not only promotes a holistic and harmonious development of the individual, but it is also an educational tool with great potential for promoting integration between people and preventing forms of closure in ethnically cohesive groups.


Cricket in the schools

Our school projects primarily take place during school hours and are targeted towards middle school students, but also elementary and high school students. Cricket is an inclusive sport where everyone takes turns playing both attack and defense.

From the very first lessons, the students engage in exercises that prepare them for the game of cricket, starting with improving their coordination with catches, batting, throwing and bowling, until they have the skills to play complete games with a soft ball.


Kwik Cricket

"Kwik Cricket is a fun and gradual approach to cricket for young people. The equipment is made of lightweight and durable plastic, specifically designed for kids as young as 5 years old. The ball is hard enough to provide a bounce similar to a real cricket ball, and there is also a softer ball available for younger kids and smaller spaces.

The emphasis of Kwik Cricket should be on participation and fun. Any number of kids can play, from 2 to 32, simply adjusting the number to the available space and time


Net sessions in the Centre of Rome

Every week, we train in Trastevere in the heart of Rome. The Centro Sportivo Roma Uno's multi-purpose field transforms into three great nets, ideal for practicing bowling and batting, as well as close fielding. During the winter season, training can be held inside Gym of the sports facility.

The address of Roma Uno is Largo Ascianghi 4, 00153 Rome. It is easily accessible by TRAM number 8 from Piazza Venezia or by TRAM number 3 from the B Metro Station Piramide. There are also numerous buses that take you to the nearby sports center.


Street Cricket

As the name suggests, Street Cricket is played anywhere available, from streets, squares, to parks. It's also referred to as Tape Ball as the soft ball used is covered in tape.

Often, communities from Southeast Asia gather to play this light and popular version of Cricket. The club regularly organizes tournaments and donates playing equipment to spread the game of cricket as much as possible throughout the season.


Eventi CONI e di Rappresentanza

For several decades, there has been a strong collaboration between our club and the National CONI and CONI Lazio. The result of these collaborations has been dozens of sports promotion events in which cricket has participated with great success.

Starting from the most important events like Emozione Olimpico at the Foro Italico, Campioni dello Sport, of national interest, the club has conducted demonstrations and cricket trials also in the province of Rome to let as many kids as possible experience this beautiful game!



The Roma Capannelle Cricket Club frequently organizes overseas tours so that cricket can also be a source of fun and culture, a chance to enjoy this sport in a joyful manner, and a way to measure one's values against foreign teams.

The most common destination is England, especially near the city of London, both in Middlesex and Surrey, where we now have traditional challenges on the beautiful London turf pitches. We have faced over 20 overseas tours starting from the first one in 1988 in Malaga, Durham in 92, Paris, Milton Keynes, Corfu, Vienna, and many other places!


Enjoy the Spirit of Cricket- Torneo dell'amicizia

Now in its twentieth edition, the Enjoy the Spirit of Cricket - Friendship Tournament is one of the most famous hard-ball cricket tournaments in the country. Originally established as a purely international and intercultural tournament, the participating teams are among the most diverse and colorful.

The event aims to provide everyone with a pleasant opportunity to learn about and appreciate a game that is still not widely rooted in Italy, but also to allow many new immigrant citizens to attend some good-level matches of one of the most widespread and practiced sports in their countries of origin. The tournament has seen the participation of both foreign teams and teams made up of immigrant players in Italy from various religions and ethnicities.