Membership - FAQ

Joining the Roma Capannelle CC means becoming a part of something special.

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to participate in various club activities like training sessions, friendly matches, tournaments, and even competitive games! The Roma Capannelle Cricket Club has won numerous competitions throughout its history, but winning has never been its sole focus. The team at Capannelle believes that the most important thing is the game itself - members want to play well, fairly, and have fun. The club organizes dozens of events each year, including Serie A matches, the Coppa Italia, T20 Open, National Junior Championships, International Friendlies, Tours, Tournaments, Street Cricket, and more!

Membership not only allows you to participate in matches held at the Roma Capannelle Cricket Ground (located within the Capannelle Hippodrome), but also in training sessions at the Roma Uno Sports Center in Trastevere.


I've never played Cricket and I want to start

? No problem! You're welcome to join us. Our weekly training sessions take place in three separate training nets, divided by skill level. Even first-time players are welcome to come play with us!

If you're young, we have several junior teams where you can learn the basics of cricket and compete at a national level. If you're an adult, you can start with our second team and, if talented, quickly work your way up to the first XI, the Serie A team.

And if you're an older adult, we have an over-40 team that plays friendly matches against international teams during tours in Rome.


How long is the Italian Cricket Season?

Cricket is a summer sport, and in sunny Rome, the season lasts a long time. We begin outdoor training in March and have our first friendly matches at the end of March/beginning of April. Competitive events (such as cups, Serie A, and juniors) start picking up in May and continue until September/October. We end the season with our "Enjoy the Spirit of Cricket" tournamente club celebration in November!


I've played professional Cricket, can i join you Club?

If you're a professional cricket player from another country, you're welcome to join our team. However, it's important to note that cricket in Italy is purely amateur, so you won't be paid to play. We are always glad to have first class players in our Club and you wouldn't need to pay any membership fees etc.

Throughout its decades-long history, the club has had international-level players (ODI players and First Class) who have all worn the club's colors for fun and to help grow cricket in Italy, without receiving any compensation.


Where is your ground? Where do you practice?

Our playing field, the Roma Capannelle Cricket Ground, located within the Capannelle Hippodrome of Rome, is the only international cricket field in central Italy and is easily accessible by FM 4 train from Termini in just 10 minutes. Our training ground where we have NETS is located inside the Roma Uno Sports Center in Trastevere, in the city center.


How much does it cost to join Roma Capannelle Cricket Club?

Becoming a member of the Roma Capannelle CC costs 150 € for the 2023 season. The cost is the same for all adult athletes and includes both membership and sports fees. It also includes the federal membership fees for competitive events. The membership fee allows members to participate in training sessions, matches and take an active part in the club's life.


Im a student, do I pay less?

Under 18's playing on senior teams pay 100€ for the entire season. The cost for youth activity for Under 13s is 50€ for the 2023 season. The membership fee also covers the federal membership fees for competitive activities. The membership fee allows members to participate in training sessions, matches and take an active part in the club's life.

For the younger ones, we also have an introduction to Cricket course called Little Cricket for Under 10s, held in partnership with the sports club Roma Uno.


Can I come for a trial, a training session?

Sure! You're welcome, just contact us so we can give you an appointment for our training sessions. You'll be able to do a small Cricket Trial where you'll have the chance to bowl and bat. Following the new COVID19 prevention regulations, anyone who wants to participate in even a single training session will be required to join the Club.


Great! So how do I become a member?

Just register at the following link to join our Club!

To complete the membership, we will need a copy of your ID, residency permit if you are a foreign citizen, and the medical certificate for agonistic sport Cricket.

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