Roma Capannelle Cricket Club are pleased to announce that they are holding a Trials Day for the 2023 Season which will take place on Wednesday the 15th of March 2023 at the Roma Uno Sports Center in Trastevere at 5 pm. On the day the Fielding, Bowling and Batting Skills will be tested using the three cricket net facilities.

Our Club, the oldest Premier Cricket Club in Italy is looking for a talented player for the 2023 Season. We compete in the National competitions such as the Serie A 50 Overs (competition), the Coppa Italia, the T20 and the ECS T10. As a Club apart from competitive cricket we play over several friendly matches every summer. The best player selected on the day will not need to pay the Club Player Membership for the 2023 Season and may receive a bonus on taking tot catches/stumpings and scoring tot runs in 50 over matches at the end of the season. The Club Player Membership includes: Match Fee for all matches, weekly net practice, registration with the Italian Cricket Federation, travel expenses for away games with the Club, Playing TShirt, Playing Cap. If you're not selected as the best player you can still become part of the club and play for our 1st and 2nd XI.

Wednesday 16 March 2022, 5pm start.

What to bring
You will need to wear suitable cricket clothing. It is not essential to bring a cricket kit as batting pads, gloves, helmet and gloves can be lent for the batting trials. Please wear a tracksuit, tshirt and shoes with rubber (No spikes)t. Please be advised that if you are planning to attend the trial, your fielding and fitness levels should be of an appropriate standard, as this is an essential aspect of being a Cricketer. The day may start with a basic fitness test.

The Trials 2023 will be held at Roma Uno Sport Center in Trastevere, in the center of Rome. The entrance to the sports center is off Largo Ascianghi 4.

How to get to Roma Uno Sport Center

More Info
Please contact Mr. Leandro Jayarajah at 340 4126772 or email for extra information. The player selected will not earn money playing cricket for the club. Roma Capannelle Cricket Club are not a professional cricket team, as Cricket in Italy is totally amateur. The player must be resident in the Rome or Lazio area.

Not selected? Still welcome to join our Club!
If you're not selected as the Best player on the Trials Day you can still join our Club by paying the playing membership like all the other players. If you're good enough you can still play for the 1st XI in the Italian Serie A, or for our 2nd XI, or if younger you can play for one of our Juniores teams or if you're over 40... there is our XL XI!

How to join the Club

To sign up for the Trials Day 2023 on the 15th of March at 5pm at Roma Uno.

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